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Bob Shaw Consulting Engineers is a Southeast Texas firm providing professional services to municipal, industrial, and private clients.

Established in 1976, Bob Shaw Consulting Engineers has over 37 years of experience in planning, designing and constructing industrial and public works improvements. These projects vary greatly but generally they include the new construction or rehabilitation of drainage, paving, water, wastewater, marine, airport, industrial and building facilities.

We are professional engineers with experience who enjoy solving problems. The difficult challenges of complex projects are a daily routine practice at Bob Shaw Consulting Engineers.

Meeting difficult design or construction requirements within our clients financial plans and in accordance with governmental regulations are of utmost importance to our firm.

An acute awareness of the advancements of design and material technologies and construction techniques is essential. We approach each opportunity with a personal commitment to solve the problems of your project in the most efficient, creative and economical way.

The requirement of a strict budget encourages us in our goal to provide services that are productive without burdening your project with costly and unnecessary overhead. To accomplish this, we have worked with other professional firms such as geotechnical consultants, environmental specialists, architects, and others to provide special services, only when your project requires them.

We have provided total project services for the State, counties, cities, drainage districts, school districts, refineries, ports and airports. These services have encompassed large treatment and pumping facilities, as well as unique approaches to common construction undertakings. Whether it is a multi-million dollar project or preparing a small cost estimate, we offer a commitment to excellence.